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The Original Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Store

Nevada Legal Forms (NLF) was founded on the principle of empowering the public to handle certain legal matters themselves without the aid of an attorney. 

There are many times the everyday lay person can take care of relatively simple legal matters themselves and that’s where we come in. We offer options, information and choices. Our knowledgable and qualified staff can take care of everything for you or we offer do-it-yourself legal forms and kits to assist you. The image we strive for is one of professionalism and courtesy.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to see, just let us know.

Featured Services

Business Formation

We take all the worries away from you regarding forming your Nevada entity by providing professional incorporation services.


A living trust ensures that your loved ones receive their inheritance when they need it the most and as you planned, as well as eliminates the delay of probate. This simple, inexpensive legal alternative helps curtail estate probate costs and expensive attorney’s fees.


Filing for divorce is often one of the most stressfull times a person will experience. We have provided assistance for divorcing couples for 30 years and can help you through this difficult time. We take care of everything so you can focus on you and your family.


Our purpose is to provide you with affordable assistance with probate and those assets that were owned solely by the decedent and that have no provisions for an automatic transfer in ownership.

How Do We Work

NLF is the one and only Original Legal Forms Source – since 1989.

NLF is unique in that we give you information and options.

Option 1: We have our Do-It-Yourself forms/kits that enables you to prepare/file/track your own case through court.

Option 2: We can take care of everything for you:

  We prepare all your required documents.

  We file your case with court.

  We take care of any process service you may need.

  We take care of any publication requirements you may need.

  We track your case through court from beginning to end.

This is why we are different and unique to others. We simply don’t have just one option for you to consider.

Our Strengths
All Persons Are Equal Before The Law. Our Help Is What Makes The Difference.

Problem Solvers

This is what we do.. We Solve problems.

Continuous Improvement

We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually and as a team, we constantly strive to improve the quality of service our customers expect and deserve.


We take as much time as necesary to get to know you, your problems and your concerns.


We say what we believe and do what we say.  We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

A Digital Agency

We provide online support to your needs.


One for All and All for One!

We work together sharing  a common purpuse and common goals. We genuinely care for and support not only our customers, but those with whom we work shoulder-to-shoulder. We work everyday to pursue and achieve our mision.