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Welcome to Nevada Legal Forms &  Services, “THE Original Legal Form” company for Nevada.

Are you looking take care of your common legal matters yourself? We here at Nevada Legal Forms & Tax Services pride ourselves on helping people to handle their own everyday legal matters. There are many times that the everyday person can handle their own problems.

This site was designed with the idea to help people to do things themselves. Nevada Legal Forms & Tax Services offers to help you from finding the legal form that you need, to getting a divorce in the State of Nevada, or establishing your corporation.

The image we strive for is one of professionalism and courtesy. If there is any suggestions that you would like to see, just let us know.

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Our Strengths

All persons are equal before the LAW. Our Help is what makes The Difference.


Hard work is a good thing in and of itself; so we work and live by the rule of treating our customers with respect and truthfulness.

Forward Thinking

We provide advice considering every possible escenary.


We take as much time as necessary to get to know you, your problems, and your legal concerns.

Problem Solvers

We analyze your problem to find the root cause to provide the optimus solution.


Our team is committed to positive thinking and combine this with individual initiative, cooperation, partnership and friendship.

A Digital Agency

We provide online support to your needs.